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Here at Construction Solutions, outdoor summer Kitchens are our priority in providing an oasis for outdoor spaces.  If having ultimate outdoor kitchens is your dream, let Construction Solutions & Supply help you design and build the perfect summer kitchen for grilling all of your favorite foods.  No matter how big or small your project is, we will work diligently so you are delighted with your new outdoor kitchen.  Let our experienced Outdoor kitchen designers work with you through your entire project.  From the initial 3D design to selecting the appropriate grills and appliances Constructions Solutions & Supply will be with you every step of the way.

After you talk to our designers for summer kitchens, you will realize how committed we are to provide the best product for each individual customer.  We are always happy to answer any question you may have to ensure that you receive the Outdoor Kitchen of your dreams.  We have built a solid reputation working with homeowners, contractors, and builders to ensure the job is done right and in a timely manner.

To Create the ‘Outdoor Oasis of One’s Dream’, CSS Recommends the Following:

Add an Outdoor Kitchen. Outdoor kitchens don’t just meet the “basic need” for food – they also connect the cooking process (and the cook) with the social gatherings they serve. Other considerations include refrigerators, pizza ovens, or outdoor sinks, depending on personal taste.
Establish a Gathering Place. CSS recommends creating a central location with an abundance of seating options. A fireplace or fire pit can provide a focal point for this space, and enable its use later into the season.
Create Privacy. Large plants or trees, a pergola, or privacy panels can create the feel of a secluded getaway within an otherwise open space.
Design for All the Senses. Consider every aspect of experience in the outdoor space. Speakers and water features can establish mood and eliminate street noise, while fragrant bushes can provide a sweet scent.
Add Accents. Outdoor living areas are ideal for bold colors, adventurous designs, and other personal touches.

summer kitchens jacksonville fl, daytona beach fl, construction solutionsOur summer kitchens are constructed using a full box welded aluminum frame.  From there, we attach the concrete board to the frame using stainless steel screws.  At this point, our customers can have their kitchen finished in stucco to match their house or they can choose from many varieties of stacked stone to give their outdoor kitchen a truly rustic appeal.  Last, but not least, we add a granite countertop to ensure your new Outdoor Kitchen has an elegant feel.  Building Outdoor kitchens out of these materials mean that there is nothing that will rust, rot or deteriorate which will give you many years of maintenance free grilling.

What would an Outdoor Kitchen be without the perfect grill? We are distributors for some of the top brands in grilling.  Whether you like charcoal or gas we have a grill for you.  We carry a full line of grills from Kamado Joe, AOG, Fire Magic, and Summerset.  Our grill masters can help you pick the perfect grill to fit your cooking style.  They can also assist you in selecting the drawers, doors, sinks, and fridge to make sure your Outdoor Kitchen is fully equipped for entertaining all your guests.

outdoor kictchen jacksonville fl, daytona beach fl construction solutionsWe also have additional items to make summer kitchens truly spectacular.  How about a new pizza oven so the kids can enjoy some traditional homemade pizza.  Guys, how would you like a kegerator for the upcoming football season? Are you a wine drinker? Maybe a wine chiller would be the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen.  We also carry a full line of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to accompany your summer kitchen.  If you prefer, we can also design and build a custom fire pit to match your outdoor kitchen. 

Whatever you desire, we have the accessories to make your outdoor kitchen an oasis from the rest of the world.

Construction Solutions has built a solid reputation by serving the Jacksonville area since 2007.  We are so confident that you will want to do business with us that we offer free quotes on all work.  Fill out the contact information on this page to have one of our highly skilled professionals contact you about you about your Outdoor Kitchen and grilling needs.  If you give us a chance we will earn your business.

Don’t let another summer pass you by without turning your backyard into a grilling paradise.  Nothing is quite as enjoyable or memorable as entertaining friends and family with a new outdoor kitchen from Construction Solutions & Supply in Jacksonville, Florida.

For your summer kitchens, we carry the following industry leading brands:

Blaze-Charcoal-Grill-14 Komato Joe Grill | Grill | Jacksonville AOG Grills

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